Streak! Email Monitoring for Gmail Users

I use Outlook for my primary VoiceMatters business but also have in-house Gmail accounts for a couple of clients. Gmail is great for its mobility. Outlook is great because, as business sometimes requires, I want to see that the recipient actually received the email I sent. I'm one step closer to having it all (at least in the context of email - I know, how sad) with the discovery of Streak.

Streak is a chrome extension that allows Gmail users to see when a recipient has opened an email that you have sent. There are many more uses for Streak, which I'll share via this article from Mashable. Me? I'm pretty easy to please and have only used the "email read" function. So far.

Do you use Streak? If you do, or if you're going to try, tell me how you like it!

Facebook Privacy Notice - False Alarm!

Good Monday morning, everyone!  While we were all getting over our carb comas and Black Friday/Small Business Saturday shopping hangovers, a "notice" started going viral about new Facebook privacy guidelines. This prompted a flurry of Facebook posts declaring copyright for page contents.

Relax. Nothing has changed. Our friends at Mashable help set the story straight:

The idea behind the “notice” is that Facebook’s listing as a publicly traded company will negatively affect its users’ privacy, which is not true. Simply put, Facebook and its users are still bound to the same terms and conditions that are accepted by users when they sign up for the service, and posting a legal “talisman” of this kind on your profile does nothing to change that.

So, carry on and have a great Monday!