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Happy Independence Day, Small Business Owner!

Well, ok, I'll wish a Happy Independence Day to all of us in the United States, but a special "independence day" to those of us who have embraced the all-American spirit of can-do and started a small business.

According to a recent study by Manta, small business success is on the rise and 72% of small business owners are happier with the freedom being the boss provides, even if 21% did acknowledge that they also carry more responsibility and less independence as a result.

As the infographic below shows, two of the largest barriers to small business success are economic conditions and marketing to find new customers.  

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I started my small business providing integrated marketing services and public relations to meet the needs of the small business owner who knows marketing is essential to success, but that hiring an employee or creating an in-house department doesn't fit the budget.  Let's talk about how we can help each other banish these barriers to small business ownership freedom and make every day Independence Day.


Is Your Online Refrigerator Stocked? How to Find Fresh Content

Summer is finally here. This usually means trips to the farmer's market and refrigerators stocked full of fresh produce from local farmers. You have everything you need to create a delicious summer menu.

This may sound strange, but finding fresh content to share on your blog and social media channels isn't all that different.  Even when the big sale is over or that long-term project is complete, there's always something to talk about via everyday occurences and items all around you. 

Take a moment and look around your office or your store.  When was the last time you shared a photo or talked about the benefits of one of your products? Or when was the last time you shared a slice of office life? 

Our client, Chrysalis Hair Design, will from time to time feature their products in their Instagram and Facebook feeds. They recently redesigned their storefront to remind customers to take care of their hair in the sun and sand this summer. All it took was a simple photo to communicate this:

Maybe it's something you're working on today. Are you using summertime to plan for the fall? Talk about it.  What do you customers have to look forward to? 

Pampered Pets Grooming Salon and Spa is another example of how sharing the everyday activity of your business can yield solid results.  Here's another happy four-legged customer.

This sharing of content isn't random, it's a strategy in and of itself. The more your customers and prospective clients see from and about you, the more they will likely trust you, remember you, refer you, do business with you. 

Take a moment out of your day and tell your audience what's going on.  If doing so on an ongoing, consistent basis sounds like one more thing you'd rather not handle, we've love to talk to you. Reach out via email to or give us a call at 267-236-3607.


You Don't Know What You Don't Know.

Establishing the value you bring to a potential customer is often the most difficult challenge in business development. There are so many DIY options out there - TurboTax brings tax preparation to your laptop so you don't need an accountant. Quickbooks and I are getting along just fine, thanks, no need to hire a bookkeeper. Everyone's using social media, so who needs to pay someone to promote my business on those channels. And on and on.

This can be true for some, in certain cases. But building a business is complex. It requires energy, focus, and strategy

Where is this post coming from? Well, 'tis the season - tax season - and in a recent meeting with my accountant we had the conversation that inspired this post. We talked about how each business has a rich value to provide its customers, that not everyone is able to do everything for themselves and end up with efficient and positive results. In one sentence, she said, "You don't know what you don't know."

Good one.

I don't know how to do what my plumber does, or my hair stylist why should it be any different with your marketing and PR strategy? Money and time are precious to every business owner. While hiring a communications consultant may seem like an unaffordable expense, there's a certain expertise I bring to the table. Plus, when I work with someone, I partner with them. I want to see your business succeed not solely for the benefit of my bank account. I still believe that when your business does well, we all do well. I bring the experience in my field and the objective eye that best benefits you, and your bottom line.

My accountant, by the way, is Catherine Ponist. If you are in need of a firm that will guide you through the tax terrain of business ownership with calm, ease and expertise, contact her. I also have to thank my business coach, Paula Gregorowicz of The Paula G Company, for referring me to her. Paula is also excellent at partnering with you, providing a much-needed objectivity and knack for focusing on the productive "next steps" of building a business.

So, what is your "You Don't Know What You Don't Know?" Let's talk about it in the comments.