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New from Instagram: Ability to Follow Hashtags

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Are you increasing your use of Instagram for business? (Hint: you should.) And now you can follow specific hashtags. Doing so can amp up your listening campaigns and help you determine the best hashtags to reach your target audience.

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Coming to Our Senses: Using All Five to Reach Customers

Reaching customers via all five of our senses - taste, touch, sight, sound and smell - brings to mind old school gimmicks like Smell-O-Vision

Happy Independence Day, Small Business Owner!

Well, ok, I'll wish a Happy Independence Day to all of us in the United States, but a special "independence day" to those of us who have embraced the all-American spirit of can-do and started a small business.

According to a recent study by Manta, small business success is on the rise and 72% of small business owners are happier with the freedom being the boss provides, even if 21% did acknowledge that they also carry more responsibility and less independence as a result.

As the infographic below shows, two of the largest barriers to small business success are economic conditions and marketing to find new customers.  

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I started my small business providing integrated marketing services and public relations to meet the needs of the small business owner who knows marketing is essential to success, but that hiring an employee or creating an in-house department doesn't fit the budget.  Let's talk about how we can help each other banish these barriers to small business ownership freedom and make every day Independence Day.